Heroes of Myridas: Introduction and a Demo?

The Black Dawn Wars: Heroes of Myridas is a small scale Turn-Based Strategy (TBS) game based off of the book series, The Black Dawn Wars (Of which parts 1 and 2 are currently available for purchase from here in both physical and digital Kindle formats, part 3 is coming soon), a fantasy/sci-fi series about an ancient evil from the dawn of creation that is breaking free and threatening the existence of the people of the world known as Myridas. With magic, technology, and a mild sense of humor, our young heroine, Sarah Sethil, must fight to overcome this great evil and stave off the end of the world, all while avoiding capture by the growing ever more powerful tyrannical government of Virtua which refuses to believe the dire warnings of the perils that the world faces.

From the developer and writer of the series:

“Heroes of Myridas (HoM) is my attempt to give fans a visual and intellectual experience and expand upon the stories from the books in a way that is both fun as well as enlightening. While HoM is mostly an optional “side story”, it does fill in some gaps between when Book 2 ends, and when Book 3 begins, as a fair amount of time will have passed between the two. While the story itself will be kept relatively short compared to the books, it will have all the same level of complexity and character development that the books show.” ~Kevin Kroschel

Heroes of Myridas is currently still in early development, but a short demo will be released in the very near future to help spur interest in the game, and hopefully help fuel a successful crowd funding campaign to help facilitate finishing the entire game.


(Please note, that as the website is still new, the media section is not yet available, but will be added as screenshots and videos become available.)

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